Western Law Connection attorney Christopher G. Weston  provides comprehensive private mediation services to help resolve conflicts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Because of hisextensive litigation experience in multiple and diverse civil cases, Mr Weston  knows the importance of trying to resolve matters without resorting to a trial. Western Law Connection Corp provide mediation services for all kinds of civil disputes.  


Our goal is to assist you to most effectively, comfortably, and confidently represent yourself in mediation. In mediation, you will be making all of the decisions because the parties have complete control of the outcome.

As the mediator, Mr. Weston is neither your lawyer, nor is he the judge or a decision maker. He is an experienced, impartial person whose role is to provide options for the parties and to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to reaching an agreement. He recognizes that litigation is not only expensive, but it also hands over control of the most important parts of people’s lives to a system that is not equipped to handle the complex interpersonal dynamics associated with civil litigation.

The mediator has no decision­making power. Thus, it is important for you to consider how you can best represent your interests in mediation, as well as the results that you would like to create in mediation.

We offer efficient and low cost mediation that satifies the State court's requirement of private mediation. 








Christopher G. Weston, Esq. 


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